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A Glorious Weekend and Sapper

Shortly after my Grandma died, I ended up with some of her books. One of them was an old Bulldog Drummond novel by Sapper. In the front page was a note: To Rene, in memory of a glorious weekend! It was dated sometime during WWII. My Granddad tried to join up, but was turned down because he had flatfoot. His brother, Leonard, died in Burma [He vanished on partrol], his Dad was killed in WWI trenches and his mother died of a broken heart shortly after that. My Grandma worked in service in big houses in Buckimhamshire. I don't really know how they met, but the book and the note conjured up images of a "date" in which the book was bought... But what if my Grandma and Granddad met someone on a date, got embroiled in some wartime espionage with a mysterious "figure"... resulting in a victory for the dashing young couple of the mysterious figure (Who they presumably saved from a fate worse than death as part of the adventure.)

Anyway, shortly after the war, they're now married, and Grandad is met one day by the mysterious stranger who hands him a book... The plot of which is strangely familiar to their wartime adventure.

I'm sure this isn't what happened, but they're both long gone and you don't think to ask your grandparents questions about when they were young and how they met... So I have to let my imagination fill in the gaps.
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