Penguin Cafe Waiter (livingarmchair) wrote,
Penguin Cafe Waiter

The Swine Flu

Yesterday we decided to take Talia to Stratford Butterly farm to see the flutterbys and various large spiders. In the shop she picked up the biggest toy spider she could find and ran up to a random stranger, yelling, "I got spider!"

Anyway, the atmosphere inside the place was pretty humid, and I could start to feel my throat going sandpapery as we walked round. By the evening, I could barely move and then spent the night with a thumping headache and hallucinating about secret signals that were being beamed at me causing me to wake up. This morning the Boss filled in the online form with all this information (including paranoid hallucinations!) and was told to go and anti-virals straight away... I feel dismal, I've never had anything like this before, certainly not an illness that makes me hallucinate and think the bright stars in the sky are alien invaders!

The tamiflu has yet to arrive yet, but I hope it makes me feel better...
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