Penguin Cafe Waiter (livingarmchair) wrote,
Penguin Cafe Waiter

Japanese Fun!

No,not dubious rope bondage, but one of the Japanese staff in our building arranged for JapanCentre to come up and open up a shop for the day. They brought with them a pile of Japanese Crunchy Pork curries, which after 2 minutes in the microwave were absolutely delicious. I also tried some "Melon Pan", which was a sweet bread, and something called "Curry Bread" which was a hollowed out sweet bun with Japanese curry paste in it. I also tried some Green Tea and Bean Roulade, some Hi-Chu sweets, and some delicious Wasabi Peas - all washed down with a Green Tea.

They're still in the building and there's the Sushi, but I'm not feeling in the fishy mood. In fact, I'm stuffed.

What was quite surprising that virtually everyone in the company flocked down to buy...
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