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Yesterday it was some sort of heritage weekend, which meant lots of old buildings were open. Nothing that I hadn't already seen was open, so we skipped that and instead took advantage of free entry to Ryton Organic Gardens, just one the outskirts of Coventry. It's apparently some sort of centre for organic things. Due to the heritage weekend it was free to get in. We've been to the restuarant there before, but not looked at the garden. Not that we're that interested in Gardens (I find them stupifying boring) but this is a sort of working garden full of foods. They use the stuff they grow in the restaurant. Well, I hope they do. I'd be pissed off if they nipped down Waitrose instead.

We didn't see much of it. I spend most of my time making sure Talia wasn't pulling things apart (Turned my back for 5 seconds and she was climbing over a greenhouse!). She was fascinated by a huge slug that she called "Christopher Slug". Christopher (The real one, not the slug) cried and had to be fed. Daddy had to make Talia fly. So we didn't see much of the organic garden, but could sure smell the herbs and spices. The have a cafe with a play area and Talia spent an hour in that with another little girl she met. Christopher cried and sucked boob in public. I had a nice organic coffee... And the weather was boiling. When we got back I noticed our garden smells of fennel.

In between all the chaos of trips around block with Talia on her bike (Which end up with her walking back and Daddy - Muggins here! - carrying bike and helmet. And sometimes Talia!) I've managed to get about 20,000 words into the novel about the archivist. The odd couple of hundred words here and there has made what feels like no progress actually into some progress. What's even better is I'm enjoying it perhaps more than the other stuff I've written.

I'm hatching another idea as well - an Afro-Caribbean immigrant who brings some joy to a city destroyed by the war, but slowly rebuilding itself, sweeping away the old for new. How does he do this? Simple, he starts selling exotic caribbean food locally... Actually based on a true story I read recently about someone in Coventry who has recently passed away. That's the basic idea. Now I need some story to hang off it!
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