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The Blitz!

Last night I watched a documentary about the blitz on Coventry in November 1940. I wasn't expecting much as I've read fairly extensively about it, but it was very good indeed and managed to touch on a whole host of other issues such as the psychological effects and how the Nazi techniques were later used on allied bombing raids on cities such as Dresden - which I'm still not certain was justified [It was perhaps a strategy more aimed at preventing the Russians from siezing a viable city.] Some of the "talking heads" had some harrowing tales about that night, including a policeman who confessed that he wanted to cry at what he was seeing but had to keep it together as his job was to help and reassure the policeman and a man who, as a nine year old, was trapped in the family air raid shelter and split up from his family with no idea as to their fate - it turned out that his Dad had died when the bomb went off near their house, but his mother and brothers and sisters survived. 

Although other UK cities experienced more bombs during the blitz, Coventry was the first to undergo an intensive raid [Really the 2nd time such tactics had been used by the Nazis, the first being Guernica] and its small size at the time and the loss of the Cathedral made it stand out more - the image of the Cathedral in ruins was used as propaganda to bring the US into the war and apparently managed to change attitudes over the pond. 

On a similar subject, I am 25,000 into a Coventry-based novel about an archivist trying to save an old building, one of the last remaining topshops (Special cottages built for weavers) in an area of the city. My plan has 25 chapters and I'm currently up to chapter 5. I was initially worried I'd not find enough to write about - I usually write "fantastical" stuff [i.e. horror, sf, weird monster stuff] - but it seems I'm finding plenty. 

Even though I have very little time to sit down and do it, those odd half hours here and there add up over the weeks... 
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