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The answer is YES

Last night I went to see 70s prog rockers YES in concert. An odd lineup of YES, which for the 2nd time in their history has a different vocalist. Jon Anderson is ill and can't tour, so they've hired a Canadian chap called Benoit David to sing in his place. He does a fine job, and the packed out Symphony Hall didn't seem to mind - it also gave the band a chance to perform songs from their "controversial" 1980 album DRAMA in which they they replaced Anderson and Rick Wakeman with THE BUGGLES, Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes. I wasn't expecting much as the core trio of Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White are, to be blunt, getting on. What a dumb assumption as they were pretty spectacular. Oddly, Rick Wakeman's son is their keyboard player. This is the 2nd time I've Wakeman Junior play with a band that his father was in (The last one was 70s folk-rockers, Strawbs, in the grounds of a mansion house about 10 years ago.)

On the job front, I have a potential interview with a large automotive firm - it's for a software team leader. I'm not I want to do that. Been there, had the T-shirt, and preferred to be more "consultant" type of role or doing R&D. I have little patience with bad software and bad software engineers (i.e. hackers) who don't fix problems but fix the symptoms and wonder why it all collapses later. I have even less time for idiot customers who can't write specifications properly! We shall see, but it seems the job market is actually not as dead as you'd think. One issue is that where I am now is pretty cushy and we have a lot of freedom to do stuff outside our normal jobs. And this other company seems to be very low level controllers, which doesn't really offer much scope for anything interesting. And I don't get a kick out of fiddling with electronics and stuff like that. In fact it bores me stupid.

I've been plugging away at the novel about the archivist on my "Hackintosh" and also just finished a short story that came to me one day while daydreaming at the office. With the two kids time is not enough anymore, and getting to the YES concert involved a lot of tears from Talia ("Can Talia come with Daddy?")... Still, it was well worth it. They just need to produce a new album. It's been a long time. It's been even longer since they produced a good album.
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