Penguin Cafe Waiter (livingarmchair) wrote,
Penguin Cafe Waiter

Peace At Last

Got woken up at 6:00 this morning by Talia screaming "Daddy, lights off!" And then had to read stories to her for about an hour and help her do a Jigsaw before she was dispatched off to Nursery. The other one is no trouble, and is currently asleep. Peace! A rare thing these days. So I've been beavering away on a short story inspired by Carol Singing in South Yorkshire, BDSM & Clive Barker.

This year seems to have shot past - it only seems like yesterday that Christopher was born, but he's over 7 months old now. I have just bought him/me a book about pirates for Xmas... as no doubt I'll be reading a lot to him as he grows up! Talia has turned into a real bookworm and sits there trying to read books on her. She speaks the bits she remembers and them talks gibberish for the bits she doesn't. We're going to start teaching her the alphabet shortly...
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