Penguin Cafe Waiter (livingarmchair) wrote,
Penguin Cafe Waiter

Where has this decade gone?

Well that's a decade gone. It's been quite eventful, really. Biggest event: my Dad dying in 2003 at the age of sixty, after suffering a brain stem stoke. He was virtually unconscious in hospital for two months before he died - two days before he died, me and my Brother-in-law went to the hospital to visit him as he had been suffering nose bleeds and we watched as the doctors struggled for hours to keep him alive, and I just can't get the moaning he was making as they were sticking things up his nose to stop the bleeding and giving him blood tranfusions. The stoke had left him severly disabled, unable to move at all, and we never knew if he was awake or sleeping and he could only make moaning sounds and small gestures. We never told my Mum about that night - it was quite awful. He died 2 days later.

Had a hellish few years living in a house next door to a homeless hostel, plus an "interesting" time working for a small software company in Solihull. Witnessed my former employer (Marconi/GPT/GEC) vanish into a company that is fraction of what it was, and ended up working for a Japanese Corporation working on software for in-car infotainment systems. I hate cars, as well! Moved to our current house in Earlsdon which was a relief after the old house.

Then in 2004 I got married, and then later that year my Brother-in-law was killed in a car crash - in the space if 18 months my sister lost her Dad and then her husband. Their two daughters have done very despite this.

But it gets happier. Talia came along in 2007, and Christopher (Named after my Dad) in 2009. I continued to write novels and short stories, but seem to have lost the motivation to submit them anywhere, mainly as I don't really know who'd want to read them. Or maybe I just don't care anymore? Continued to explore music and amassed a large collection of Jazz/fusion and modern jazz, plus plenty of English folk and much more progressive rock...

Wonder what the next ten years will bring? Gosh, I hope this isn't too depressing!
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