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Christopher is now 8 months old and crawling. He also pulls himself up and can walk if you hold his arms. Talia is still deep in the terrible 2s and getting worse. Example: "You've got until 3 to get ready for bed." (After ten minutes chasing her around to get her in her nightclothes.)

So quickly she goes "1, 2, 3" and runs off, flashing a cheeky grin that says, "I got one over on you" (*). Trying to tell her off whilst laughing really doesn't work.

(*) I win. Toys are confiscated and not made available until she's done what she's told. Amazing how quick that works!

Work is dull. Still working on lots of high level theories & designs, a bit of POSIX on the QNX OS and about to embark (I think) on an embedded Linux based project using QT. We seem to be moving towards this platform - in fact automotive is using Linux platforms, but are running scared from the GPL. Running our apps on Linux as an OS is fine and has no obligations under GPL, but the consortium looking at building a standard wants to modify the kernel and add driver support... We're not in the consortium, so it means squat to us. We're just writing apps on it. Also need to set up a series of meetings and schedules for a group I'm heading to look at future strategies...

Have managed to finish off a short story about a village haunted by a ghostly dominatrix who sings christmas carols and hunts wrens. Still working on a novel about an archivist, but it's slowing down due to a) tiredness and b) lack of time. The tiredness is really crippling at the moment - lots of nights of broken sleep don't help, especially stacked up!
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