Penguin Cafe Waiter (livingarmchair) wrote,
Penguin Cafe Waiter

Time to update

Having two fully mobile children is exhausting fun. Talia wasn't particularly destructive, but Christopher is after everything he can find, and has already managed to break a few things. We call him "Christopher Foo Foo" as he has this habit of bopping us on the head with a plastic hammer and giggling madly to himself. (See which is a US version. The UK version we have came with a DVD with Kevin Whately singing the song!)

Talia sings "Little Christopher Foo Foo riding through the forest, picking up theTalias and bopping me on the head!".

The project at work is about to kick off, and I'm in charge of the software aspect. We're having to ditch Linux for QA reasons and go with an automotive embedded system. Unfortunately, it doesn't support the USB drivers we need. We had a third party supply some, but they didn't work. Third party came up with a lame excuse. I spend about an hour with it and got it working, and also managed to get a USB driver working using the native OS API... the third party had their own stack. Yadda yadda. It's a bit daunting as we're starting from a blank canvas. Our demo uses Qt, but I doubt we'll be using that - it might well end up being the GUI that comes with the OS, but we're not certain how that integrates with other aspects of the system. It's going to be a busy, busy, hectic and stressful year, I reckon. We have some hard realtime targets to meet in the S/Ware... It's a project being led directly from the UK, rather than Japan, which is a bit of a turnaround.

This leaves little time for writing. I've managed to do a few short stories, and finally managed to rework the opening of a novel that's had it's first few chapters rewritten a number of times. In the end it was a case of stepping back. Deleting. And changing the concept of the opening. I really need to get back into the swing of submitting again. After all the good feedback and near misses, it would be a shame to hang up my word processor now!

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