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When should one chuck away dreams?

Two things I always wanted in life: children & writing. The children are here and despite the hard work they entail, it is most rewarding and funny at times. Although it wasn't very funny today when Christopher threw a strop in the middle of Coventry because we wouldn't buy him and a Fireman toy and he prompted to scream and shout and had to be dragged away somewhere to be told off. Funny was last week, when, on the way to the in-laws, Talia said, "Why are we going to Nanny's?"

Mummy: "We were invited for lunch."
Talia: "Well, you could have said no and then we could have gone to Leamington instead."

The reason she wanted to go to Leamington is because there's a particularly good sweet shop there...

Writing doesn't mean Software. That's the day job, and at the moment it's stuck on a disaster of a project in which requirements changed but the hardware isn't _really_ suitable and it's a constant struggle to fix this in software. Ah well. 

I'm still writing short stories in those brief moments of time between kids going to be, meals being made and other chores being done. I finished one last night. I don't do anything with them. I really should. My problem is that I'm not really sure what they are these days. I'm not even sure what's happening to the publishing industry or short story markets. The industry appears to have fallen into the same trap that other creative industry fall into: a few people who sell a lot, and that's about it. Frankly nothing bores me more than seeing bookshops filled with the same old names churning the same old stuff. I think there's even a term for this sort of selling, where the industry is effectively reliant on a few names. Ottakars found this out a few years back when their sales of Harry Potter were poor (They probably couldn't compete with supermarkets selling at a loss) and Borders found out when they ditched the variety and went with pile 'em high bestsellers and closed down pretty shortly afterwards...

Not that I care. My last book purchase was a brilliant collection of short stories by Jonathan Carroll, published by a small press.

Even my Kindle (Great device!) mainly sits idle these days (I still buy the physical product, but occasionally get an e-book if it's cheap). These days it seems anyone can publish. Trouble is, I don't trust  myself to QA things properly. There's enough badly written crap out there!
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